Syro-Malabar Indian Catholic Community in Adelaide

The Syro-Malabar Indian Catholic Community in Adelaide has a history going back to the turn of the millennium. At the initial stages it was a disparate handful of families who would come together occasionally and get a priest from elsewhere to celebrate Holy Mass in the Syro-Malabar rite. As years went by they also took initiative to start an elementary form of religious instruction for pupils on Sundays. It was all with the noble intention of handing over to the following generation the missionary legacy of Apostle Thomas. May I take this opportunity to place on record our heart-felt gratitude to all those who sacrificed their time, energy and financial resources for the realization of their dream, viz., a Syro-Malabar Indian Catholic community vibrant in their commitment in faith, after the example of their patron Apostle Thomas. The one community gradually concentrated themselves at three different centres in the city of Adelaide.

After experiencing the thick and thin of organizing Holy Mass, Catechism on Sundays, and other religious as well as social-cultural activities for the community, Rev. Fr. Francis Perumadan ofm was requested in 2012 by the Archdiocese of Adelaide to be a temporary chaplain to the community.

Rev. Dr. Frederick Eluvathingal (Fr. Fredy) belonging to the Archdiocese of Thrissur has been appointed the first chaplain to the Syro-Malabar community in Adelaide by Synodal commission of the Syro-Malabar church for Evangelization and pastoral care of Migrants. His appointment was confirmed by Archbishop Philip Wilson of Adelaide in May, 2013, who also appointed him assisting priest at St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral, Adelaide. After completing formalities and requirements of the state for visa he arrived in Adelaide on 6th May, 2013.

The newly appointed chaplain was officially introduced to the Community by the Vicar General, Rev. Msgr. Philip Marshall at St. Margaret Mary’s church, 286 Torrens Road, Croydon Park on Sunday, 23rd June at the close of a concelebration of the Eucharist by himself, the out-going temporary chaplain, and the incoming one at 6.00 pm.

On 20th November 2016, the Feast of Christ the King, the day of Conclusion of the Year of Mercy, by the decree given by Bishop Bosco Puthoor from the Chancery of the Eparchy of Melbourne, St Euphrasia Syro-Malabar Parish was established for the northern region of Adelaide. Rev Dr Biju John Chulayillaplackal became the first Vicar of the new Parish. For more information about St Euphrasia Syro-Malabar Parish, please visit:

Mass time and location:

Every Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri at 06:00 pm and Saturday at 08:30 am in Queen of Angels’ Church, 116 Kintore Street (141 South Road), Thebarton, SA 5031.

Southern unit: All Sundays at 06:30pm - St. Bernadette’s Church, 2 Walsh Ave, St. Mary’s, SA 5042.

Central unit: All Sundays at 04:30pm - Queen of Angels’ Church, 116 Kintore Street (141 South Road), Thebarton, SA 5031.
Northern area: Please visit:

Religious Instruction

Religious instruction at regular intervals – either on Sundays and/or weekdays is followed at all the three centres. We are fortunate to have a committed team of teachers who make earnest effort at imparting to the coming generation knowledge of Jesus and his church, her history and sacraments, and prayers and her lives of saints, as well as a sense or deep religious commitment in faith. They also conduct co- curricular activities such as Bible Kalotsavam, retreat for children, and Life Guidance Seminar. Ample opportunities are provided for the ministry of reconciliation and singing at Holy Mass. Ongoing teachers’ formation and training also is in the offing.


It is decided that a main feast be celebrated at each of the three units according to the choice of each unit members. The feast of St. Alphonsa is celebrated at the centre by the end of July. The feast of our Lady of the Rosary is celebrated in the North in the second week of October, and the feast of St. Sebastian is celebrated in the south in February, before the beginning of lent.


A charismatic retreat and a non-charismatic one are planned for the community every year. Accordingly a non-charismatic one was conducted in April, 2013 and a charismatic one in the first week of December.

BEC (Kudumbakootayma)

House-blessing is being organized area wise for the community. There is an overwhelming co-operation from the part of families. Consequently basic Christian communities are being formed.

Family Counselling:

Following Fr. Francis Perumadan ofm Fr. Fredy has started visiting families requiring counselling and conciliation. It involves hours of listening to persons separately and couples together, all with a view to upholding values of family life.

News/ Events

  • First Friday Adoration: There will be a two-hour-adoration of the blessed sacrament (with the blessed sacrament exposed) at Thebarton after Holy Mass every first Friday of the month, from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm. It ends with benediction. There will also be a priest available for confessions.
  • Malayalam Holy Mass Schedule:
    • Every Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri at 06:00 pm and Saturday at 08:30 am in Queen of Angels’ Church, 116 Kintore Street (141 South Road), Thebarton, SA 5031.
    • Every Saturday at 06:00pm and All Sundays at 06:30pm - St. Bernadette's Church, 2 Walsh Ave, St Marys, SA 5042
    • All Sundays at 04:30pm - Queen of Angels’ Church, 116 Kintore Street (141 South Road), Thebarton, SA 5031.
    • Northern region: Please visit: